Grand Opening Of On The Record Speakeasy And Club

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The Celebrity Experience Featuring Bella Thorne


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Exclusive: Bella Thorne Reveals Details of Her Inaugural Makeup Line, Thorne by Bella

Makeup is Bella Thorne’s “shit.” At least, that’s what she tells me when we chat on the phone late Sunday night, a week ahead of the launch of her first ever cosmetics line, Thorne by Bella. Over the course of her career, the 21-year-old actress-turned-musician-turned-mega-influencer has become just as well known for her experimental beauty looks as she has for her actual work. So much so, that 11.8 million people regularly tune into her Instagram feed to see what rainbow-colored hairstyle or glittery lid-and-lip combo she’ll try out next, or to watch her speak out about her struggles with cystic acne.

After years of decorating her face with other brand’s products (she won’t let anyone else do her makeup, but more on that in a minute), she brought her expertise beyond the beauty chair and into the lab to create something all her own. Thorne’s inaugural launch includes three liquid eyeshadows — a metallic blue, green and gold — and three flavorful lip stains —”F*ck Me Firetruck” red, “Sexual Chocolate” brown, and “DSL” pink — each of which are meant to embody the message of “embracing your most wild and beautiful self,” which is something Thorne herself seems to do on a regular basis.

Throughout our conversation, which is punctuated by her dogs barking and her boyfriend, MOD, playing piano in the background, the mogul opens up about what fans can expect when her line debuts on November 25th (although, head to today to sign up for early access), and why this venture is one of her most personal yet.

Allure: Why did you want to create a makeup line?
Bella Thorne: “Makeup has always been my shit. I’ve always loved doing makeup and I do my own makeup for every project I work on, for every event that I do, for every photoshoot. I don’t really let anybody touch my face except me, because I’ve dealt with such terrible cystic acne and people ruining [my] face when they touch it. That has not been a good experience on my end, so I really wanted to make makeup products that I could use, but that I could also feel confident selling to other people whose skin is kinda like mine and who feel the same as I do. The amount of times that I step on a new set and a makeup artist tries putting new products on my face that I’ve never tried before — and I’ve tried a lot of fucking different products — and then my face is a war zone all of a sudden.”

Allure: As you mentioned, you always do your own makeup. How did that experience play into creating the line?
Thorne: “Obviously it’s pretty important. I remember when we were meeting about the line, and we met with a few different companies, and quite a few people were very surprised at how integrated I wanted to be. A lot of companies thought that they were going to sign the ‘Bella Thorne’ deal and just make whatever, and quite a few of them were very surprised when I was trying to get into everything from top to bottom — from what’s going into the product to how it’s looking to [the ingredients]. All the tiny things from smell to taste to the legitimacy of all these products actually being on your skin, going in your pores, and how that is going to affect you, all this stuff was really important.

I remember being the face of a brand and thinking, ‘Oh I can’t believe I signed this deal, this was not a good idea.’ I’ve now recently looked at all the products, and looked at all the ingredients, and realized it’s just going to ruin my skin. I never wanted to be the face of a company that is gonna do that, because that’s been really hard for me my whole fucking life. Especially just on the acne front, and on the skin front — it makes you who you are. People who don’t have it think, ‘Whatever, your acne is just acne, it’s one part of life.’ But it’s not ‘one part of life.’ If you have it, it’s your whole fucking life and in that sense, it’s really saddening. So it’s important to me.”

Allure: What sorts of things did you draw inspiration from when you were creating the line?Thorne: “For the packaging, I wanted something that reflected this younger sense of just throwing shit in your bag. Not having a full-blown makeup kit and makeup tutorials and really perfecting your makeup, but more of just like, ‘How do we appeal to a raver?’ How do we tell a raver who goes to all of these nocturnal events to buy our products? And you always want to stand out as a beauty company. You don’t want to be compared to Kylie Jenner. I released one palette where the base color was yellow. I spent months putting together the colors for the palette, and the palette is yellow — it’s one of our main colors as a brand for Filthy Fangs — and just because that palette is yellow, I’ve then copied someone else’s brand and I’m not original. Is that a fucking joke? I was so upset about that. So I wanted to do something different with the packaging [for Thorne by Bella]. We like fanny packs, and I always thought fanny packs were good for ravers because you don’t want to carry a bag around, that’s not comfortable. So we ended up making these fanny packs that are see-through and fun and very raver-esque, and that’s literally the packaging we sell it in.

When we were doing this makeup line, I really wanted to make some lip [products] that were like what I wore when I used to go to auditions. My mom would put a lip stain on me that looked like I wasn’t wearing anything, but it was something. It was the tiniest bit of pigmentation that seemed so natural but it was there. I also don’t like lipstick or lip gloss — I don’t like big things on my lips. I’m a lip biter and I’m constantly eating the skin off my mouth, so I could never do a thick lipstick that is so color-pigmented that, if I scratched it off, it would show. So I chose mostly stains for this line so that I could actually wear them because I fidget with my lips too much. I kiss my girlfriend and my boyfriend too much. I do too many things.”

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Happy Birthday Bella!

Today Bella turns 21! We want to wish her the best of birthdays! We wish happiness, health and love!
Happy Birthday!

‘Assassination Nation’ Premiere

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