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‘Ride’ screen captures

Hello. I added screen captures from the movie ‘Ride’ (2018). Enjoy!

Ride_2018_282129.JPG Ride_2018_2839529.JPG Ride_2018_2855429.JPG Ride_2018_2883729.JPG

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Bella Thorne Will Star in New Thriller Film “Girl”

Production starts in Canada in March.

Bella Thorne’s thriller-crime cachet is quickly expanding. Not even six months after the releases of 2018’s Assassination Nation and I Still See You, the singer and actor is set to star in yet another psychological thriller.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bella will play the lead in the upcoming Girl, the film debut from writer and director Chad Faust. Though major details of her role remain under wraps, her character is described as “a young woman who returns to her small hometown intent on killing her abusive father, only to discover someone else got to him first.” Upon discovering her father’s death, Bella’s character reportedly embarks on a journey for answers, bringing to light her family’s dangerous legacy. If that doesn’t scream thriller, I don’t know what does.

The film, produced by Envision Arts, is scheduled to start shooting in Canada in March; Canadian sales group Double Dutch International (DDI) will be looking for European buyers at the upcoming Berlin International Film Festival.

Bella is a very talented young actress who makes bold choices,” DDI CEO Jason Moring said in a statement to THR. “This is a strong lead role that will not just resonate with Bella’s massive fan base, but also with the cultural zeitgeist.

It seems the cancellation in June of Bella’s Freeform series, Famous In Love, isn’t affecting her career in a negative way. This isn’t the only thriller project she has lined up: According to Bella’s IMDb page, she will appear in the upcoming Exo and Leave Not One Alive, also in lead roles. Keep killing it, Bella (pun intended).


Philipp Plein: New York Fashion Week

110219_28429.jpg 110219_28829.jpg 110219_28929.jpg 110219_28629.jpg

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Prabal Gurung: New York Fashion Week


100219_28829.jpg 100219_28929.jpg 100219_281029.jpg 100219_281129.jpg

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